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Woven Fabric Types

These are some of the common list of the different types of woven - fabric used to make bags that can be re-used and washed.


Common Fabrics for Making Bags:

Here's a list of different types of fabrics commonly used to make bags:Bags Fabrics in Dubai - Cotton: Canvas, Polyester, Jute, satin, Nylon, Mesh, Juko, Velvet, Taffeta, Ripstop, Felt and PVC, etc.

  1. Cotton:

    • Ideal for: Tote bags, casual bags.
    • Characteristics: Soft, breathable, versatile.
  2. Canvas:

    • Ideal for: Tote bags, backpacks.
    • Characteristics: Sturdy, durable, suitable for printing.
  3. Polyester:

    • Ideal for: Backpacks, travel bags.
    • Characteristics: Lightweight, water-resistant.
  4. Nylon:

    • Ideal for: Backpacks, sports bags.
    • Characteristics: Strong, durable, water-resistant.
  5. Jute:

    • Ideal for: Eco-friendly bags, promotional bags.
    • Characteristics: Biodegradable, textured.
  6. Satin:

    • Ideal for: Gift bags, elegant pouches.
    • Characteristics: Smooth, luxurious, shiny finish.
  7. Leather:

    • Ideal for: Luxury bags, handbags.
    • Characteristics: Premium, durable, ages well.
  8. Mesh:

    • Ideal for: Beach bags, sports bags.
    • Characteristics: Breathable, lightweight.
  9. Juco:

    • Ideal for: Eco-friendly bags.
    • Characteristics: Blend of jute and cotton, sustainable.
  10. Taffeta:

    • Ideal for: Evening bags, special occasions.
    • Characteristics: Smooth, lightweight, shiny finish.
  11. Denim:

    • Ideal for: Casual bags, backpacks.
    • Characteristics: Durable, rugged, classic.
  12. Velvet:

    • Ideal for: Evening bags, luxurious pouches.
    • Characteristics: Soft, plush, elegant.
  13. Felt:

    • Ideal for: Laptop sleeves, eco-friendly bags.
    • Characteristics: Soft, malleable, sustainable.
  14. Ripstop:

    • Ideal for: Outdoor bags, backpacks.
    • Characteristics: Tear-resistant, lightweight.
  15. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride):

    • Ideal for: Waterproof bags, beach bags.
    • Characteristics: Water-resistant, durable.

These fabric types offer a variety of textures, styles, and functionalities, allowing for diverse options when creating different types of bags.




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